A great teacher can make a tremendous impact on a child’s motivation to learn. At Trio,we work to create an environment where both our educators and students can realise their potential. Our faculty hold the highest standards for themselves as well as those they educate. They are responsible for cultivating curiosity and wonder in the minds of children, and making sure that every child receives the nurturing and inspiration they deserve. Most of the classes at Trio have Teaching Assistants, who are promoted to the status of a teacher, after gaining sufficient experience. Our culture promotes teamwork and coordination among the faculty members.

Our faculty comprises of individuals who are passionate learners themselves. Faculty at Trio are encouraged to weave their own creative methods and ideas into the curriculum, when it comes to helping children learn. They bring skills and experiences from diverse fields. Faculty Development Programmes are conducted around the year with the help of experts from relevant fields and disciplines. Our teachers come with rich experience, and have worked with international schools both in India and abroad. Several of our International Baccalaureate (IB) teachers also serve as examiners for IB. Our teachers create a safe and age-appropriate environment for learning.