Special Education Needs

Special Education Needs(SEN)

At TRIO WORLD ACADEMY, we believe in inclusive education. The SEN department in TWA comprises of Special Educators, who are specialized in Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD). We also have a Psychological counselor to take care of childs psychological needs. We have conceived the ideology of educating our children in our mainstream classroom setup. We offer inclusive education through partial or full classroom inclusion, depending on individual need of every child. All children are part of their homeroom in academics, P.E, ECA, Creative Learning activities to the best possible extent, as our mainstream teachers follow the method of differential teaching.

Students with SLD are nurtured by qualified and experienced special educators whereas their need based IEPs are developed by the team of SEN. Based on the childs present level of function, a tailor made curriculum is adapted by the SEN department which addresses the childs Academic, Socio-emotional and behavioral needs.

Language development and social functioning are two major areas which have been taken into consideration while developing IEP.

The Special educators work on skill based areas and also provide class support to the SEN students, where they observe the child and provide constant support and feedback to homeroom and specialist teachers. We arrange external counselors and special educators in the beginning of the academic year and undertake professional development for the teachers on how to handle the SEN students in their regular classes. The school sensitizes the community on regular basis. We make an arrangement of shadow teachers for the severe needs of SEN students who requires 1:1 support. We identify new referrals of SEN students within the school and provide support.


Note – Admissions are subject to seats available in the respective grades for SEN students.

There are no seats available for SEN Students (2018-19)