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Charlemagne, the great French Emperor of the 8 th century said, having another language is like having another soul!

Knowing an additional language is not only an added skill but also an added cognitive attribute that changes the individual’s perspective of the world. Language learning works on several levels of a child’s intellectual growth and it is said that bilinguals have a much greater ability to think and act fast, to come up with innovative solutions to problems and to adapt more easily to different environments.

Trio World Academy is one of the few international schools in Bangalore offering three languages, French, Hindi and Spanish beginning from the child’s tender age of 5 and 6. Our young language learners learn a language of their choice as a second language or an additional language and go on to acquire all four skills, reading, writing, speaking and comprehension over the years.

While language learning is more audio-visual and oral communication-based from Early Years to Grade 2, it is more concept-based in the Primary Years Program. Language classes get to be more rigorous and skill-based in the Middle School Modern Foreign Language (MFL) curriculum while language assessments in High school are skill-based, concept-based as well as content-based.

IGCSE students who take any of the Group 1 Languages of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Curriculum are eligible for the prestigious International Cambridge Examinations (ICE) certification. A large majority of our students therefore do opt for Languages in High School. French, Hindi and Spanish are also offered at the IB Diploma Program level as Group 2 Languages where students for Grade 11 and 12 can choose either French, Spanish or Hindi as Language B (SL and HL) to continue the language chosen at the IGCSE level, or Language B Ab Initio if they want to learn another language from the beginner’s level.

According to the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFRL), students who have completed their IGCSE in French or Spanish would have acquired the language competency between A2 and B1 level, while students who have completed their IB Diploma Program would have acquired the language competency of the B2 level in all four skills! This is most certainly an added advantage for University Admissions.

The French Section of the Languages Department at Trio World Academy conducts regular in-house coaching classes for the French Olympiad organized by Silver Zone in collaboration with the Embassy of France, and the DELF Exams (Diplôme d’Etudes de la Langue française) organized by the Ministry of Education in France to test a learner’s skills in French. DELF certifications are a life-long asset and do not have an expiry date!

Language classes at Trio are entirely learner-centric, where the core principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB), the Learn Profiles and International-mindedness are introduced in our curriculum as early as the child’s Primary School years, and spread across the board up to the Diploma Program of Grades 11 and 12.

Our highly competent Language Teachers are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that students acquire accurate knowledge of concepts in grammar, vocabulary and phonetics at the foundational level by implementing Differentiated Teaching, Inquiry-based Teaching and cross-thematic teaching. All language classes are taught in the respective languages only, that helps create a near natural environment of the respective languages within the class room.

Trio World Academy celebrates the “Language and Literacy Week” every year in the month of March, where one of the main attractions is “Bonjour Trio!” our much awaited Francophonie Day! The whole school is transformed into a little France with students from Early Years to High School show-casing their skills and talents in French in the various Assembly programs such as quizzes, songs, dances and plays and open-air events such as French music – la chanson française and French cuisine with delicacies of the French boulangerie and pâtisserie bringing out the taste, beauty and essence of French Culture! Similar events are also held in Hindi and Spanish with the additional attraction of Story-telling sessions in Hindi that have been very popular with the younger students of Trio!

Fieldtrips are another important aspect of Trio Languages Department with national and international outbound trips to France and Francophone regions being organized by the French Section every year, and similar initiatives undertaken by the Hindi and Spanish Sections as well.

Our school has been receiving active support from its language partner Alliance française de Bangalore and is in the process of concretizing partnership programs with the Lycée français de Pondichéry.

Trio World Academy Language Curriculum is a truly exciting way of learning languages!

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