“I hear and I forget , I see and I remember, I do and I understand” – Chinese proverb There is no better fun than a hands-on experience with science! Watching your chemical concoction

change colour or getting an electrical circuit to work can feel magical. We at TRIO want students to move beyond book learning & understand the essential concepts of physics, chemistry and biology through experimentation. They are encouraged to test the validity of theories for themselves. They are taught to formulate, prove and disprove hypotheses by methodically conducting experiments, making observations, analysis and reporting results in an unbiased fashion. Lab classes are conducted every week on a regular basis. Separate science labs for physics, chemistry and biology are maintained. Our labs have all the necessary equipment, manuals and charts for conduction of high school experiments and meet the IB/CIE guidelines. Our competent and dedicated faculty and lab assistant supervise all lab activities. Students are given clear instructions at the start of every lab session so that experiments are conducted smoothly & safety guidelines are followed. Sufficient precautions have been taken to minimize accidents. First aid kits are available in all the labs.

Physics labs are provided with magnets, voltmeters, ammeters, magnifying lenses, screw gauge, slide callipers etc. Experiments are conducted to understand measurement, electricity, optics and magnetism.

The biology lab is equipped with necessary glassware, stopwatch and equipments such as microscopes, magnifying lenses, sample slides of various tissues and organisms and a water bath for the study of living things. Models of digestive system, skeletal system and specimens of organisms are available for students to get a clear vision of anatomy of living things. The chemistry lab is equipped with all the necessary apparatus such as essential chemicals and glassware, weighing balance, Bunsen burner, crucibles and safe gas connections to carry out titrations, energy transfer reactions, analysis of salts etc. It is equipped with an exhaust fume to drive out harmful gases. Eye shower, fire extinguisher, lab coats, gloves and safety glasses are available in the lab for usage and to adopt safety procedures during experimentation.