At TRIO, we love to see children energetic, healthy and thriving at school, and we work zealously to keep it that way. TRIO is completely committed to the health and safety of students who are entrusted to us. The premises are designed to minimize all kinds of hazards. Our staff is always observant and immediately take notice if any child is unwell or in pain.

TRIO has a well maintained infirmary with 4 beds. An in-house certified nurse is available at all times. All our staff members are trained to administer basic first aid and CPR. Any case that requires medical attention is handled swiftly and sensitively by trained professionals. The parents will be always informed immediately, with complete details, in case their child needs medical attention. TRIO is located at just 200 m from a hospital. In the event of more serious medical emergencies, trained staff accompanies the child to the hospital for the required check-ups and treatment. The parents will be called in and treatment will be administered under their approval.