English as a Second Lang

English as a Second Language

Welcome to the English as A Second Language (ESL) program at Trio World Academy.

Trio is truly a rich cultural collage with students from different countries and nationalities. In order to support our students, who are speakers of other languages, we have on campus the ESL program. The department and programs support the children as they learn English as a new language and as the language of instruction. With this in mind, teachers at Trio recognize and also support differentiated learning and assessment opportunities.

The ESL curriculum at Trio is global in content and also technology driven. IPads and technology aid learning opportunities for our ESL students, making content more accessible, project based, and language learning more achievable.

This program offers the students a learning environment that is supportive and inclusive. Every day is a step forward, as we see students are able to gradually and confidently express in a new language. They develop their