Community Service

Community Service at TRIO

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Community service programmes at TRIO teach our children to think beyond their own lives and also help them develop a well-rounded personality. We help them to assimilate human-centric skills, knowledge and attitudes in the classroom, through which they can positively influence the lives of people beyond the school walls. Our community service programmes are designed to encourage civic responsibility and provide credible, significant service to the community. Having such a direct influence on the community at large establishes the sense that their efforts are necessary, valuable and recognized.

Community Service is given the same amount of reverence, attention and efforts as is given to other activities in school like academics and sports. Such programmes aim to turn children into confident, compassionate and quick thinking leaders. It also cultivates bonding, camaraderie and teamwork. Children can discover their hidden talents and experience the joys of giving.

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Activities undertaken by the TRIO Community Service Team

The TRIO Community Service team, in collaboration with the NGO ‘Goonj’, was able to collect and disperse Rs. 1.5 lakhs worth essential commodities excluding medicines to the victims of J&K floods. Their efforts were acknowledged by the local media.

The Middle School Community Service members carried out a campus cleaning day. The students, inspired by the ‘Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan’, picked up garbage and cleaned litter around the school campus. The initiative reinforced the message that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep their surroundings clean.

Trio World Academy believes in the philosophy of ‘Think globally, act locally’. Our community services team undertakes regular initiatives for the betterment of the neighbouring Govt. School. The students of both the schools interact frequently. Trio Community Service has initiated ‘shoes for all students’ campaign and has contributed towards their annual day prizes. The team visits the school at least once a week to teach English skills, play games and share resources.

The primary school Community Service members are currently in the process of collecting toys and other valuables for the children of an orphanage.

Trio World Academy Organised a Fund Raising Book Fair, Whose Proceeds Were Donated to Vathsalya Charitable Trust to pay for a Life-Saving Surgery of an Abandoned 18-Month-Old Baby Girl.

TRIO is the first school in Karnataka to include fair trade in its curriculum. Our students are encouraged to be responsible and ethical consumers by buying fair trade products. The fair trade movement ensures better prices, support and sustainability for the farming community.

The primary and middle school students conducted a campaign to support the movement. They drew messages on cotton cloth patches with the theme, ‘A fairer world for farmers and us’. These patches were used to make India’s biggest organic cotton T-shirt, which was unveiled on 22nd Nov 2014, at our school.

The middle school students also undertook a trip to fair trade cotton factory for awareness about the plight of cotton producers in India.

TRIO has tied up with an NGO called ‘Reap Benefit’ which devises cost effective solutions for solid waste management and water conservation. Reap Benefit has teamed up with the middle school students and initiated a waste management project, which seeks to recycle waste by segregating it appropriately. The next step is to use this experience to help the Govt. school in establishing a similar waste management project.

TRIO aspires to achieve a higher level of awareness and environmental consciousness among students of both schools through this project.

Trio World Academy is now a YES (Youth Engaging Society) centre which means that our students can now enrol and submit applications for the IAYP award. The IAYP awards are given for service, skills, physical recreation and adventurous journeys. The award provides them with internationally valid credentials, as proof of not only academic accomplishments, but also of achievements and contributions beyond the classroom.