Art and Design

Art and Design

TRIO is committed towards complete learning through utilization of all capabilities that are intrinsic in every human being. Generally, the education imparted to the young minds makes use of the capability to imbibe knowledge and skills by using mental faculties only. Visual and tactile forms of learning are hardly utilized to the fullest extent. In such cases, more remains reserved and less comes out of what a child can probably give as an output to learning. Keeping this in mind, TRIO facilitates a platform for all the students, right from the Primary Section till 12.TRIO inculcates in its students, the practice of learning through visuals arts and takes this learning to further levels. At Primary Level, we teach them through drawing and painting and broaden the scope of visual arts at Junior Level and then introduce them to the IGCSE in Class 9.

The IGCSE Art and Design syllabus is designed for Classes 9 and 10. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it makes a student respond through faculties of analyses, observation, stimulation, sensitivity and conceptual thinking. These natural abilities are utilized to their fullest extent so that the learners garner confidence and are able to perceive the problems in multi-dimensional way. This kind of process of learning makes them develop technical skills and evolve ideas right from the initial stage of problem solving till they reach the solution.


IGCSE Art and Design syllabus forms a solid foundation for further studies by creating awareness about the importance of visual art in perceiving society, culture and history. It broadens the view through which a person observes horizons that encompass cultures and give an individual experience of a different kind altogether. It also makes a student’s extract the nectar of knowledge to the fullest extent.

IBDP Visual Arts syllabus takes a student to a fuller and deeper level of understanding. It is designed for the students of Classes 11 and 12. Here, a student can work on his/her chosen subjects in a deeper way. The syllabus encourages students explore their creativity with focus on a particular subject. It makes them perceive the subject from various viewpoints and angles, thereby making them understand it at the fullest possible extent. In the process, the students tend to learn the value of the subject that they choose. At IBDP, students are exposed to the world of an artist where they are taught painting, sculpture and print making.

The IB/IGCSE Art and Design syllabus utilizes faculties of communication and expression. Learners will take delight in learning through aesthetics and visual art that is the basis of this kind of learning which is mostly studio based involving faculties of sensitivity, observation, analysis, imagination and personal expression.

Both the syllabi give students freedom to use their intrinsic properties without any barricades and bars. As a consequence, a student enjoys learning with great ease and deliberation. In these four years of eventful journey of learning, TRIO encourages every student to experiment and observe. We take our students to Galleries so that they can observe the masterpieces of well-known artists and get encouraged. We also encourage them to participate in competitions and seminars so that the learning is practical and they come out prepared once they complete their basic education.

TRIO Education system is very pragmatic and practical that aims at complete development of human faculties. They can only be fully developed when they are fully utilized and that is what we do. We utilize every human faculty, giving emphasis to visual learning to make every students explore within and what he observes.